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Memjet OEM Ink Tanks / Ink Cartridges (Complete Set)


Complete OEM Ink Tank Set - CMYKK Ink Tanks

• Two (2) Black
• One (1) Yellow
• One (1) Cyan
• One (1) Magenta

5 tanks total

250ml each

The shades of colors that you can create using the Memjet OEM Ink Tanks are almost endless. These ink tanks are for the Formax ColorMax 8, ColorMax 7, Rena Mach 5, or Astrojet M1 Digital Color Printers. There are 4 color ink tanks (250ml each) that go with the printer; 2 Black, 1 Magenta, 1 Cyan, & 1 Yellow. With these CMYKK you can generate up to 16.8 million colors on a variety of paper stock. These are water dye based inkjet ink tanks.


Printware iJet Press, ColorMax 7 & 8, Rena/Neopost Mach 5/Mach 6, Astrojet M1, FP Mailing Solutions Edge Series, Edge Pro, M1, Astro S1, CJ-20, CJ-21, CJ-22, CJ-23, CJ-24